Composite Resources reviews several noteworthy achievements from the previous year.


As Composite Resources is well aware, the world of composite manufacturing is ever changing, with more and more auto manufacturers using composite materials, the alternative energy industry unveiling innumerable composite-powered innovations, and even NASA utilizing more composites in its satellite and spacecraft technologies. Things are evolving at the Rock Hill, South Carolina-based company, as well—and in 2013, the company observed numerous noteworthy achievements. Now, in a new statement to the press, Composite Resource celebrates its strong year.

“We have hit some important milestones at Composite Resources this year, and are excited to be laying the foundation for an even more successful future,” comments Donnette Brock, the company’s operations manager. “Our team has worked hard to provide excellent products, and we’re grateful to see that work being affirmed.”

One of the most significant instances of affirmation was the receipt of a perfect score in the company’s annual quality audit, back in August. Though the company complies with the audit requirements needed to maintain its ISO certification every year, and always receives a favorable report, this year’s results were especially noteworthy. In a true rarity among manufacturing companies, Composite Resources was not given a single non-conformance mark.

This significant happening is at least partly the result of another big 2013 milestone—the hiring of Quality Manager Bill Edwards, a veteran of the composite manufacturing sector. “Bringing Bill on to our team was one of the most exciting developments at Composite Resources this year,” notes Brock. “He is someone who understands that quality control and ISO audits are not just things we do to look good on paper. We do them so that we can provide our customers with products we know to be superior.”

In addition to its continued focus on quality, Composite Resources also expanded its technological capabilities in 2013, bringing in a new autoclave to help with its manufacturing endeavors. This new piece of equipment, up and running only as of November, is eight feet in diameter and 17 feet deep. It joins the company’s three-foot by five-foot autoclave, and brings with it the capacity to cure materials up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit and up to 150 PSI. “We can cure more parts, at one time, than ever before,” Brock explains. “The new autoclave does much to improve our efficiency while also helping us maintain our standards of quality.”

What remains to be seen is what 2014 will hold in store for the company—but Brock envisions Composite Resources building on its milestones from the previous year. “We hope to stay on our current path, continuing to focus on satisfying our customers with high-quality products that we can truly be proud of,” she notes. With several big projects on the horizon—including a continuation of the company’s working relationship with NASCAR—2014 promises to be another banner year for Composite Resources.