Rock Hill, South Carolina, January 23, 2013—

Continuing its working relationship with NASCAR, Composite Resources is providing both spoilers and decklids for all NASCAR vehicles in the coming 2014 racing season. This will be the second season in which NASCAR relies upon Composite Resources for its decklids, but the first for the spoilers. Production for both sets of products began in early December, and the first shipment of products is scheduled to leave Composite Resources’ facilities in late January.

NASCAR spoilers have long been made from aluminum, but with the new Composite Resources design, they will be made from a carbon fiber base with a clear polycarbonate blade at the top. With this new design, it will be the first time NASCAR’s spoilers are completely see-through, allowing drivers maximum visibility in their rear view.

“This new spoiler product will elevate the safety of NASCAR’s vehicles, without compromising the classic look of the cars,” says Kevin Bialas, Product Development and Engineering Manager at Composite Resources. Bialas notes that the spoiler product was designed with the full involvement and ultimate approval of NASCAR.

This may be the first year for Composite Resources to design and manufacture NASCAR spoilers, but it is by no means the first time the two organizations have worked together. In 2012, Composite Resources became the vendor for NASCAR’s decklids. Upon reviewing the then-current NASCAR vehicles, the Composite Resources team noted the weightiness and limited visibility offered by the metal spoilers, submitting their design for a lighter and safer spoiler along with the new decklids. 

“We are glad to have won NASCAR’s approval for the spoiler design, and are excited to be expanding our role as a NASCAR vendor,” says Bialas. He goes on to note that, while there are three NASCAR vehicle manufacturers—Ford, Chevrolet, and Toyota—the decklid is such an aerodynamically crucial part of the car that NASCAR has exerted total control and insisted on complete uniformity among them. As such, every car in the NASCAR fleet will have a Composite Resources decklid.

“More than 750 decklids have left our facilities to date, and we hope to hit roughly the same number of spoilers,” comments Bialas. Composite Resources has a two-year contract with NASCAR to furnish the spoilers, and they will be in use at nearly every race of the 2014 season, starting with the March 2 Sprint Cup event in Phoenix, Arizona.

As with all of Composite Resources’ products, the spoilers and decklids will be held to the highest standards of quality. In addition to the company implementing its own 100 percent quality standards, the parts will be closely inspected by both NASCAR and its individual teams. “We are proud to have been engaged by NASCAR on the basis of the previous work we did on the decklids,” Bialas notes. “They saw that we were able to meet their desired manufacturing quality standards, and that’s why they asked us to work with them on the new spoilers.”

Composite Resources is able to keep up with the large product quotas—and to ensure consistent standards of quality—in large part due to its new, large-scale autoclave, just installed last fall.