Case study: A complex air duct manufacturing challenge, solved by Composite Resources

Our customer tasked us to design, tool and manufacture composite ducting that not only performed as needed, but also looked great at the same time.

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Our team was approached by a client to produce complex air ducts for a specific application. In addition to addressing a highly complex geometry, these air ducts also had to have an aesthetically pleasing exterior surface.

Working with woven carbon fiber fabric, our team developed a rigid but lightweight air duct that met all the client's specifications. We've since created solutions in several industries including aerospace composite ducting.

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Project Inputs:

Customer supplied Composite Resources with design requirements and 3D CAD models.


  • Tooling and Component Design
  • CNC Machining of Mold
  • Prepreg Layup
  • Autoclave Cured


All tooling was designed and produced in-house with our precision machining equipment, solving the client's needs.



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