Case Study: We solved a cooling fan plenum challenge for unmanned aerial vehicles, delivering lightweight performance within tight confines

The Composite Resources' team was tasked with producing weight-sensitive components to support cooling fans that remove heat from UAV’s sophisticated electronics.

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When Composite Resources was selected to produce a lightweight cooling fan plenum for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, our engineers got to work balancing the crucial factor of weight as well as the tight confines of the component locations within the assembly, making form and hole position tolerance critical. 


Customer supplied Composite Resources with 2D detailed drawings and 3D CAD models.


  • CNC Ply Cutting
  • Prepreg Layup
  • Autoclave Cured
  • 5-Axis Post Machined


The Composite Resources team developed a cooling fan plenum that bolted into the assembly as designed, with no interference issues and in full compliance with the client’s specifications. This innovation is just one example of how our team stands ready to support American aerospace and defense manufacturing goals in creative and nimble ways.

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