Case Study: When the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series needed a light, high-performance all-composite decklid — the Composite Resources team delivered

NASCAR selected Composite Resources as the sole manufacturer for its decklid after our nimble team invented a spoiler that's 46% lighter while improving driver safety.

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NASCAR needed an aerodynamic panel that fits over the rear of the automobile. With critical dimensional and weight requirements for high-speed performance, our team got to work, using our automotive carbon sheets to design and test several new composite spoilers. 

We're proud to be the sole supplier of this critical part for the Sprint Cup Series teams, and now we produce many other NASCAR products.


NASCAR supplied Composite Resources with 3D CAD models of the required exterior surfaces and an existing metal component to use as a benchmark for stiffness and weight.


  • Component & Tooling Design
  • Prepreg Layup
  • Autoclave Cured
  • Net Molded
  • 5-Axis Post Machined
  • Adhesive Bonding


Our team met NASCAR’s stiffness goals while also offering an impressive 46 percent weight reduction. Several prototypes were offered to NASCAR for track testing, and after the testing process yielded positive results, our team was awarded a multi-year contract.

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