Case Study: An aerospace composite-manufacturing challenge: a rocket nose cone with no internal support structure for reduced weight, less complexity

Our Composite Resources' team considers this project to be a crowning achievement in using carbon composites in aircraft. Here's why.

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Composite Resources is pleased to work with a rich array of clients, but we are uniquely proud of our partnerships with major aerospace and defense companies.

One of our most singular achievements in this field is the development and assembly of a radar-transparent rocket nose cone. Our client came to us needing a new rocket nose cone that would eliminate the necessity for an internal support structure, reducing weight and complexity.


Customer supplied Composite Resources with design specifications, 2D detailed drawings and 3D CAD models.


  • Tooling and Laminate Design
  • Prepreg Layup
  • Autoclave Cured
  • Adhesive Bonding & Assembly


Our team designed a nose cone that met all of the client’s objectives, eliminating the need for the internal structure.

We redesigned the outer laminate to handle the aerodynamic loading while maintaining its radar transparency. And, CNC cutting the individual plies of material resulted in a consistent part weight across production. 

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